Thứ Hai, 21 tháng 4, 2014

Building a Global Marketplace for Brazil’s Artisans

Solidarium’s online marketplace connects Brazilian artisans with international buyers and agents. SAP lends its support through the Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative sponsorship program.

8.5 million artisans in Brazil live below the poverty line. Ana Carolina Bonn is one of them, but now she can sell her colorful furniture and handmade clothes through the fair-trade company Solidarium. “The majority of artists have fabulous designs and fantastic products, but they don’t know how to market them and get people to buy them,” says Tiago Dalvi, founder and CEO of Solidarium. With its online platform, Solidarium gives the artists access to a network of international agents. “Thanks to Solidarium’s online marketplace, I can offer my products to customers from Paris and New York. I would never have dreamt this could be possible,” Bonn says enthusiastically. As a result, the artists become better known, and may even be able to gain an international reputation.

Setting a Path for Sustainable Growth using SAP Technology

Selected as one of five winners of SAP Business One small business enterprise technology, Solidarium was also awarded ongoing support from a network of mentors to help run and grow their business in a sustainable way. “Being able to talk to a mentor changes business completely and means a great deal to me,” Dalvi says.

The SAP Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative helps accelerate emerging entrepreneurs in Brazil and India who have innovative businesses focused on social impact. Solidarium can create jobs and economic growth in emerging markets while offering underserved populations a chance of a more secure future.

via SAP News Center

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