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Powering Up In China With Spend Management

State Grid Corporation of China – the world’s largest electric utilities company – powers up with Ariba’s spend management solutions from SAP partner Wicresoft.

Wicresoft Co., Ltd., an official service provider of solutions from Ariba, an SAP company, works closely with SAP Partner Service Delivery and Ariba to provide first-class service to customers in Greater China and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, Wicresoft engages with industry leaders from a wide range of sectors, including high-tech, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, trading, and manufacturing, as well as retail and distribution. Through advanced process control, innovative technologies and tools, and efficient people and project management systems, Wicresoft analyzes customer requirements and consistently helps clients streamline business processes, improve core competencies, and reduce operational expenditures to create value and achieve competitive advantages. Based on continuous innovation and investments, Wicresoft fully complies with world-class service and technology standards.

In sync with its mission to be a trusted global IT service provider, Wicresoft partnered with Ariba in 2004 to bring Ariba’s industry-leading spend management solution to customers in APAC. In early 2012, Wicresoft became the sole authorized reseller and value enablement partner of Ariba’s spend management solutions for the Greater China market.

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is among Wicresoft’s more than 30 successful customers in APAC that run Ariba.

Powering up at SGCC, the world’s largest electric utilities company

SGCC was founded in December 2002 as a pilot state-owned corporation by the Chinese State Council and ranks seventh in the Fortune Global 500 enterprises of 2013. The corporation has more than 1.5 million employees and serves 128 million customers. Its business area covers 26 provinces, including autonomous regions and municipalities – in total, covering 88% of China’s land area.

As a large enterprise, SGCC faced the following challenges:

  1. Lack of centralized bidding platform with visibility for purchasing management

  2. Lack of data structure, business process automation, decision support, and innovative models in large-scale, centralized bidding and purchasing processes

  3. Lack of centralized control in procurement and contract execution processes

SAP Partner Quality program drives project success

Wicresoft worked closely with SGCC to assess its IT requirements and develop a detailed project plan using quality management techniques and tools from the SAP Partner Quality program. This program is one of an array of services provided by SAP Partner Service Delivery that aims to help partners with the knowledge and tools to create a quality management framework for the successful delivery of their customer projects.

Wicresoft joined the SAP Partner Quality program in early 2013, and successfully obtained its SAP Partner Quality accreditation. While participating in the program, Wicresoft integrated SAP’s project management methodology very quickly and enhanced project documentation, standardized project process based on the original implementation process, and added more detailed project quality and risk controls.

This program has given Wicresoft a tremendous amount of professional satisfaction and has improved the company’s performance in the bidding process for additional projects by making it more competitive.

Profitability up 50% with greater transparency, seamless integration

Working collaboratively with the customer, Wicresoft successfully introduced the Ariba Spend Management Suite for SGCC in 2010. It later delivered the SGCC E-Commerce Platform in 2011 and Electrical Power Platform in 2013. Through these highly acclaimed projects, Wicresoft has helped SGCC achieve the following benefits:

  1. Established a sourcing platform for SGCC, based on six bidding models, including open tendering, selected bidding, competitive negotiation, price comparison and analysis, and single-source procurement and bidding

  2. Established purchasing standards to unify data model and realize whole process data structured for SGCC

  3. Gained revenue of nearly RMB 90 million, with more than 50% of profit increment In the first 6 months of using Forward Auction

  4. Seamlessly integrated main data platform, SAP ERP, Ariba, and supplier collaboration

  5. Integrated all of level 1 and level 2 SGCC suppliers into management system

The success of these implementations underscores Wicresoft’s commitment to its customers. As a key partner and top provider of Ariba spend management solutions in APAC region for sales, implementation, integration, support, and training services, Wicresoft aims to provide first-class service in combination with leading technologies and industry best practices to drive competitive advantage for its customers.

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