Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 6, 2014

The Future of Business Arrives in Orlando

The buzz: The Future on June 3

Digital, social, mobile, and cloud technologies are disrupting the way we collaborate, create, and communicate at work.

Innovations born from networked interactions between people, business, and things are transforming business models and economic systems worldwide, changing the rules for business and life.

Cloud computing has quickly become a driving force for unprecedented change across the IT and business landscape.

For the past twelve weeks, The Future of Business with Game-Changers Radio has explored where business is headed.

Now we’ll hear how the Future of Business will be arriving on June 3 at SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando, FL, as our panelists explore the Future of Work, the Networked Economy, and Cloud 2020. They will discuss the key aspects of innovation, and how not to have your company end up ‘under the bus.’

Pease join Kerry Brown, Dr. Steven Hunt, Vivek Bapat, Dan Wellers, Joe Fuster, Keith Hontz, Shuchi Sharma and Richard Strattner for The Future of Business Arrives in Orlando.

via SAP News Center

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