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Is Finance Ready for the Cloud?

Your Finance organization may be warming up to adopting the Cloud, with good reason.

In addition to helping Finance provide much-needed strategic advice to the business and facilitating operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, the Cloud offers ease of ownership, low-cost predictable subscription model, and reduced dependence on IT.

But before its lukewarm reception becomes an enthusiastic embrace, Finance first must balance these pluses against its valid concerns for the security and data integrity of critical financial information in the Cloud. What will it take to tip the scale decisively in favor of the Cloud?

The experts speak.

Joshua Greenbaum, Enterprise Applications Consulting : “The Office of the CFO needs to be split into the Office of Financial Compliance and the Office of Financial Innovation, so we can ignore the former and stop driving financial innovation based on what a regulator thinks is innovative.”

David Dixon, TruQua Enterprises : “Behind every cloud is another cloud.” (Judy Garland)

Neil Krefsky, SAP : “You are not here to shrink down to less, but to blossom into more of who you really are.” (Oprah Winfrey)

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