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Stay on Top of Complex Construction Projects with Sablono

Whether it’s an airport, a hospital, or an office complex, the completion of large construction projects in a set time frame is always a challenge. Start-up company Sablono is now offering a software-based solution that helps address that challenge.

All too often, a project’s schedule does not accurately reflect its complexity, meaning that changes in the project timeline are often dealt with inadequately. This frequently results in exploding costs and delayed project completion.

The software package BIMtime from Sablono utilizes 3D modelling to generate detailed construction plans. The components of the resulting models are associated with Sablono’s certified construction processes by means of certified templates that contain standardized production procedures for each component. This, in turn, leads to a significantly more accurate construction plan with a thousand-fold increase in the level of detail that also maps any dependencies that may exist between the different construction trades. The plan is connected to the model throughout all phases of the project and is updated automatically.

“It’s now much easier for construction companies to stick to the original time frame, and site supervisors can monitor the building site’s progress in greater detail,” says Lukas Olbrich, co-CEO of Sablono. The company was founded in 2013 by a group of TU (Technical University) Berlin alumni.

Optimized control ensures that processes run smoothly

All progress made during the construction process is entered into digital checklists by controllers. The combination of manual and calculated forecasts allows the schedule to be updated automatically, enabling quick responses to unforeseen developments. Using SAP HANA technology, Sablono can analyze several projects simultaneously and in real time. This makes it possible to identify patterns in construction projects and to verify the accuracy of predefined process parameters.

While collaborating with the SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam, Sablono’s team had the opportunity to discuss problems and potential improvements to their software with experts. Sablono’s goal is to create a platform that facilitates the simultaneous management of several projects by collecting data from each construction project. The analysis dimensions offered by the solution proved to be a major asset.

In addition, the software simulates an optimal distribution of resources, based on the original schedule. The aim of these simulations is to closely analyze several criteria, such as project duration or costs, so as to identify potential improvements that could ease the construction process in the future. Construction workers on site would thus benefit from a construction plan that was always up to date and real-time status information.

To achieve this goal, the start-up is working together with several property developers: “Due to the highly complex processes that take place here, we hope to get all participants on the same level of knowledge with this software, to make sure that everybody works with the same database and knowledge in one consolidated system,” says Mathias Stieb, senior project manager at KVL Bauconsult GmbH.

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