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Vehicle Architecture Engineer – Interior Storage Job (Warren, MI, US)

Vehicle Architecture Engineer – Interior Storage-ENG0019645


Understand the Global Voice of the Customer as it relates to Interior Storage

Review market research reports (e.g. JDP) and media information (e.g. magazines) to stay abreast of GM’s performance, competitive trends and new technology.

- Visit local Autoshows, dealerships, etc. to view latest product offerings.

- Analyze and synthesize market research and clinic information to disseminate within GM.

- Work with Global Market Research Dept. and Human Factors Dept. to conduct customer clinics to better understand customer needs and delighters. This includes questionnaire and physical clinic development.

- Benchmark competitive vehicles using the standard process for storage benchmarking. Leverage other data sources such as A2mac1 to supplement. Store information in GDM for global access.

- Develop and maintain ‘customer loss functions’ that relate storage metrics (such as glovebox volume) to customer satisfaction. These loss functions may be different depending on the region of sale, segment, brand expectations, etc.

Program Metrics and Status

- Assist program teams with target setting (volume, storage items, usability, reach, etc.)

- Assess program status using Storage Calculator. Produce “Monthly program storage status report”, leveraging global storage contacts.

- Review evolving styling themes, storage concept models and seating properties in the Studios to assess storage. Use a ‘hands-on’ approach -- physical examination using measuring tools and an array of storage items (cups, cell phones, etc.) which shall be maintained.

- Assist programs teams to attain targets. This includes helping with criteria development (e.g. space claims), root cause analysis, suggesting alternate concepts (create sketches, simple math), mock-up properties, and proposing rebalancing of imperatives, content and/or styling.

- Maintain VIM structure to ensure proper placement of criteria such as SALT items.

- Participate in Program meetings such as CIT, POP, Peer reviews, etc. as needed to drive the storage agenda.

- Escalate storage issues and concerns which are not being escalated through the regular channels. Be the conscience for storage on behalf of the customer.

Tools and Process Development

- Develop new metrics as needed that relate to the customer experience

- Maintain and refine existing global predictive tool - ‘storage calculator’. Revalidate tool periodically to ensure correlation to global field and clinic data.

- Author or co-author Best Practices pertaining to Storage. Collaborate with SMT BFO’s to ensure alignment of strategies.

- Develop Global Storage strategy, by region, brand and segment if appropriate (e.g. minimum standard locations for Chevrolet)

- Develop and maintain an Operational Model for how storage work should be done in the Company (step-by-step process). Ensure process is followed globally.

- Lead Global storage team consisting of storage SME’s (Subject Matter Expert). Goal is to standardize work and develop regional capability through coaching and training.

- Maintain global database with GM and competitive information in GDM.

- Maintain ‘generic’ SALT (storage items) list and related math files. Stay abreast of latest trends such new phone sizes, and arrange to have math generated for new items.

Develop other tools and processes that can benefit storage such as reach and vision analysis tools (e.g. RAMSIS reach).



- 4-year Engineering Degree or equivalent. Industrial or Mechanical degree preferred. GPA>3.0.

- Specialization or Courses in Human Factors and Statistics. Other courses that are helpful: Occupant packaging, Statics, Mechanics of materials.

- Minimum 5 years of experience in related field.

- Strong interest in Automobiles, especially Customer interface areas

- Keeps apprised about the industry and products (e.g. reads Consumer Reports magazine, reviews vehicles at the Autoshows, etc.)

- Understands engineering theory and principles related to automotive design

- Excellent oral and written communication skills (self-confident, articulate, commanding, closed-loop, fast turn-around)

- Demonstrated ability to work with others, including working with people in regions other than the United States

- Results oriented, self-driven, adaptable, passionate, energetic

- Flexible with work hours as required to get the job done

- General interest and ability to synthesize and integrate systems and balance conflicting requirements

- High level of analytical skills to solve complex problems, especially as it relates to Statistical methods

- Can think ‘out-of-the-box’ and innovate (e.g. patents)

- Mature leadership skills (command & presence, ability to mentor and motivate others)

- Fully capable ‘everyday’ user of VIS-Mock-up

- Basic UG skills preferred (able to cut sections, dimension part, measure volume, load assemblies, baseline files)

- Basic Knowledge of TeamCenter Engineering including VAS and VIM structure

Primary Location: US-MI-Warren

Posting Date: Aug 22, 2014, 2:45:18 PM - Ongoing

Job: Engineering

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