Thứ Tư, 3 tháng 9, 2014

Up-Skilling for Marketing in the Cloud – Part 2

The buzz: Cloud and Marketing. .

Breaking news! The cloud brings one of the biggest opportunities for the future of marketing. But with that opportunity come big challenges. Have you begun developing a digital marketing strategy and platform makeover yet? Are you prepared to shift into a totally customer-focused culture? Do you have the right talent on board? Before your marketing organization can play well and win big in this burgeoning arena, you need to know what future success will look like..

The experts speak.

Florian Brody, Brody and Partners: Let’s go back some 400 years. Hamlet: “Do you see yonder clouds that’s almost in shape of a camel?” Polonius: “By the mass, and ’tis like a camel indeed.” (William Shakespeare, Hamlet Act III Scene 2)

Steven Bailey, Deloitte Digital: “In all things, be curious, courageous, confident, and caring.”

Bernard Chung, SAP: “It’s not about digital marketing but marketing in a digital world.” (Mayur Gupta, CMO of Kimberly Clark)

Join us for Up-Skilling for Marketing in the Cloud: Part 2.

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