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SAP Appoints First Chief Digital Officer

Jonathan Becher will become our first Chief Digital Officer and will lead SAP Digital, a new integrated digital business unit responsible for delivering both e-commerce and digital native offerings to users who can discover, try, buy, implement, use, and renew our solutions in a simple low-touch or no-touch online interaction.

SAP Digital is an enormous business opportunity for SAP, which expands our addressable market through entry into new areas such as content and data. Jonathan will not only be responsible for building out a major new revenue stream for the company, he will also make Run Simple a reality for customers AND consumers that engage with us over the digital channel. Jonathan’s deep understanding of technology, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit make him the perfect person to lead this crucial new business channel.

Under Jonathan Becher’s leadership as Chief Marketing Officer, we modernized our marketing organization to excel at not just the art but also the science of marketing. By running marketing as a business, Jonathan increased the revenue generated from Marketing by 80 percent and amplified Marketing’s return on investment by 50 percent.

With Jonathan’s transition to his new role, Maggie Chan Jones will join SAP as Chief Marketing Officer. As the inaugural Regional CMO of North America at Level 3 Communications, Maggie led the transformation of the Marketing function by sharpening the focus on more profitable customer segments, partnering with Products and Sales teams to focus on customer conversations, and instilling a culture to measure returns on marketing investments.

Before joining Level 3, Maggie spent over seven years at Microsoft Corporation where she successfully supported and navigated Microsoft’s transition from an on premise to a cloud business. Most recently, she was the marketing director of U.S. Cloud Services and Office 365. Her team led the launch and implementation of the Office 365 business, one of the fastest-growing products in Microsoft’s history, in the United States. Prior to that, Maggie led the efforts in establishing a global partner opportunity framework for cloud services and launched Microsoft’s first cloud productivity offerings (BPOS) with their global partner ecosystem.

Maggie and her family are relocating from Colorado to New York, and will be based in our New York City office.

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