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AgilityWorks Brings Digital Transformation to Business

SAP partner AgilityWorks specializes in transforming clients into digital enterprises by redefining customer engagement models and associated operating models. In a highly disruptive technology arena, it achieves a stunning 100% for customer referenceability.

Through its portfolio of services, SAP PartnerEdge supports AgilityWorks in its mission to deliver substantive improvement through agile solutions and ensuring high customer satisfaction while expanding into new markets. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Oxford, UK, AgilityWorks is growing at +35% year-on-year, with current revenue of nearly £10 million.

The company credits its success to leveraging its core industry, domain and disruptive technology experience. A high level of customer care is maintained with an in-house team dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction long after the project is delivered.

Managing Director Storry Warner describes how AgilityWorks is successful with its unique value proposition. “As the company name suggests, agile ways of working have been at the core of our DNA since the outset. It was clear that traditional ways of working were struggling to keep pace with customer demands for faster business impact and improved ROI,” says Warner. “But it is not just about speed – agile ways of working allow our customers to deliver more innovative solutions that have greater user adoption; and this is key for our customers choosing to work with us on a long-term basis.”

Disruptive technology for competitive advantage

Providing a high level of specialization does not mean that AgilityWorks is confined to a niche. Whether pioneering an SAP HANA customer project, moving a customer or its own internal processes to the cloud, AgilityWorks seeks ways to apply disruptive technology for competitive advantage with its clients – and that sometimes includes challenging its customers to think about ways they can also disrupt their own markets through innovation.

“The word disruptive can conjure up negative thoughts, but as can be seen by so many companies that are standing out from the pack, it is those that are leveraging digital technology that are disrupting their marketplaces and gaining competitive advantage,” says Warner. “There are many examples – Amazon, Hailo Cab, Twitter – of companies that have disrupted traditional business models, engaging their customers in a different way through the application of mobile, big data, and cloud.”

Warner cautions, “There are equally many well-known global brand names that no longer exist because their industry was disrupted and they were unable to compete in the new economy.”

SAP PartnerEdge supports business strategy

To maintain its market leadership, AgilityWorks aligns closely with SAP on key topics through SAP PartnerEdge – SAP’s award-winning program that supports partners with business-enabling resources and expertise to help customers become best-run businesses.

For the team at AgilityWorks, membership in the SAP PartnerEdge program has brought both strategic and practical advantages. Chief among them is access to the wealth of information on SAP Partner portal, according to Nick Bewers, SAP practice lead, AgilityWorks. “There’s a lot of good information in there from a technical perspective. But probably more importantly for me in terms of my job, it has a lot of the Go-to-Market and strategy information, which is really valuable,” he says.

In preparing to meet with customers, Bewers relies on competitive information SAP PartnerEdge provides on the portal, such as guidance on how to position the advantages of SAP solutions, how to respond to specific questions, and how to address competitor claims and counter claims.

In addition, the SAP PartnerEdge program provides valuable access to SAP software. AgilityWorks has invested in building out its demo capabilities across a whole range of SAP solutions. Bewers says, “Seeing is believing and access to the SAP technology allows us to bring conceptual ideas to life for our customers and prospects.”

SAP Partner Service Advisor for enablement

While there is plenty of useful information on the SAP PartnerEdge Portal, the SAP PartnerEdge program also provides members with a dedicated contact person, or Partner Service Advisor (PSA), who is easily accessible by telephone and based in the same region as the partner. Partners meet quarterly with their PSAs to review their tailored enablement plan and identify ways that SAP can further support them in growing their business, for example, via Market Development Funds (MDF) and product authorizations.

As a member of the SAP Partner Service Delivery team, the PSA has insight to SAP’s enablement and services portfolio, as well as new strategic initiatives that may be of value to the partner. Therefore, the PSA is in an ideal position to serve as the partner’s SAP-internal resource for identifying ways to execute on its business plan.

Seamus Cawley, based at SAP in Galway, Ireland, is the PSA for AgilityWorks. In speaking about his role as PSA, Cawley says, “I need to know their business to be able to help them internally, and to be able to push out material and create an enablement plan that works for them.”

By knowing their business, Cawley is able to share with them relevant information that he is made aware of through his role within SAP. Likewise, he explains by way of example, if an SAP Inside Sales team member were to contact him seeking a partner with business performance expertise, then he will be in a position to suggest AgilityWorks for that project based on his knowledge of its business.

Keeping skills current for customer engagement

Cawley keeps AgilityWorks informed of upcoming SAP Partner Education Days, such as a recent Design Thinking workshop the team attended. He also ensures that AgilityWorks has access to solution experts who can answer questions and provide insight to facilitate its business strategy. As well, he assists with getting the right product authorizations and certifications to sell SAP solutions to customers with confidence.

Bewers, whose SAP focus is Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management, sees this as a critical prerequisite to meeting with customers. “I’m making sure that my team has the necessary skills to be able to talk to the customers in terms of articulating the benefits of certain solutions,” he says. “Having the product authorizations means that we can satisfy ourselves that we’ve actually got the right people in front of customers who have the right level of technical knowledge to be able to have those conversations.”

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