Thứ Năm, 18 tháng 12, 2014

Augmented Reality: Beyond Google Glass

The buzz: AR (Augmented Reality).

At the InsideAR conference in Munich, nearly 800 attendees learned about the cool futuristic world of AR via speeches and exhibits from Lego, BMW, and IKEA and other companies. Where is AR on the hype curve today: still a tech trigger for a handful of enthusiasts or already widely adopted by the masses?

The experts speak.

Sascha Kiener, Metaio: “AR will change how we will interact with technology and digital data in the future. The biggest issue is the lack of dedicated hardware integrated into standard end-consumer devices. As soon as the game industry sees the value, it will go mainstream.”

Raimund Gross, SAP: “The future is what you can influence. You have to embrace trends, immerse yourself into new technologies, continuously learn. Only then will you have an educated dialog and make informed choices.”

Thomas Eckert, SAP: “When trying to predict the future potential of consumer-oriented technologies, always consider the ‘Caveman Principle’.” (Michio Kaku)

Join us for Augmented Reality: Beyond Google Glass

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