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SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood Introduced, Offering Customers Simplified Process Execution

To help our customers manage process execution more effectively, SAP has introduced the SAP Business Process Automation application by Redwood.

The solution automates business process execution across SAP and third-party software environments, allowing customers to easily adapt to changing customer and market demands; connecting people, applications and software systems.

Today’s CEOs expect their organizations to work smarter and simpler, while holding the line on costs. They expect each department to contribute to and take part in corporate success. Technology is so intertwined with today’s business operations that IT must help the business compete, innovate and grow. But multi-tiered business processes − running on a mix of custom and packaged applications and a variety of software systems and platforms – often bring along with them execution and performance issues.

SAP has found that our customers want the ability to improve process quality, continuity and consistency by connecting applications to the business processes they support. They also want this ability to be well-integrated with applications running on the SAP HANA platform to further improve the speed and accuracy of process execution.

Meanwhile, integration with applications running on the SAP HANA platform helps our customers adapt quickly to changing business requirements. SAP Business Process Automation enables our customers to integrate process management across their enterprise, helping to eliminate inefficient manual processes and reduce the risk of errors. The solution delivers a rapid return on investment with greater efficiency.

Growth, acquisition and technology evolution can also lead to process execution issues. SAP Business Process Automation provides a central point of control for executing processes across a company, helping eliminate the need to manage multiple scheduling tools separately. This also can simplify process execution management, reduce administrative overhead, and increase productivity for our customers.

For example, one of the responsibilities of the finance group at SAP customer The Dow Chemical Company is to manage the month-end financial close process across all of its subsidiaries and lines of business. As Dow Chemical has grown, this process has become exceptionally complex and time-consuming. Using e-mail and spreadsheets, closing cycles grew longer, and the group found it difficult to keep up with demand, which involved more than 1,000 different month-end close jobs.

To help simply this, Dow implemented SAP Business Process Automation, together with SAP Financial Closing cockpit. Dow has subsequently realized a number of tangible benefits, including increased efficiency, improved visibility and reduced costs. For more details, see the customer success story.

SAP Business Process Automation provides comprehensive management tools that offer outstanding visibility and control over business processes. A powerful visual editor allows customers to quickly and easily define how they want their process to execute, increasing their business agility and decreasing response time across their enterprise. Meanwhile, visual status indicators help them track important updates and live monitoring functionality flags all their key process milestones as they occur.


As business environments continue to accelerate, customers must act based on the latest data and respond quickly to new requirements. In-memory computing technology such as SAP HANA is transforming the speed at which SAP’s customers can process data and turn it into meaningful information. Accurate event-driven process automation and execution is key to helping them leverage the full potential of these high-performance environments.

Business processes evolve so quickly that developing and maintaining application-specific connectors to support them is often quite challenging. To help customers keep pace with change, SAP Business Process Automation enables a service-oriented approach to automation. The solution facilitates integration between legacy and service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments. It also creates a central infrastructure for managing and integrating workloads for legacy, existing and future applications by providing a common set of reusable, immediately available services for process automation.

Automation helps reduce errors and improve accuracy and process consistency, reducing costs and accelerating time to value. Meanwhile, complete process transparency and auditability helps lower the risk of business compliance liability. SAP Business Process Automation enables some of the most complex process executions, thus reducing custom development requirements for complex processes. And advanced visual tracking tools help customers manage by exception, freeing them to focus on more high-value activities.

SAP Business Process Automation provides a dynamic, event-driven architecture that enables flexible, real-time process execution. The solution helps customers eliminate manual processes that can slow down in-memory computing environments such as SAP HANA. In addition, managing the process execution of applications running on SAP HANA helps harness real-time intelligence for improved decision making overall.

Erik Fischer is global partner director for SAP Global Partner Operations.

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