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The Disruptors: Brazil’s Minas Gerais Drives Innovation in the Public Sector

The Disruptors is a series of short stories of customer innovation from around the world.

Mining for a Heart of Gold with SAP ERP HCM powered by SAP HANA

Emeralds, topaz and aquamarine are among the gemstones mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil’s second most populous state located in the heart of the country. A hotbed for gold miners and gold diggers since the 17th century, in modern times the state has become one of the largest economic forces in Brazil doing a brisk business in mining, agriculture and manufacturing. The state employs over half a million people to manage its economy, infrastructure and social programs, and until recently, it was all done manually. No wonder it was hard to keep track of investments, processes and employee data.

Fernanda Neves, the state’s Undersecretary for Human Resources, believes technology innovation is necessary to provide transparency and drive efficiency. That’s why she is thrilled with the State’s decision to implement SAP ERP HCM powered by SAP HANA.

“We’ll now have a real time window into data and processes. We’ll also have the tools to support the three fundamental pillars needed for growth in our State: personnel development, more value for citizens, and more efficiency in government operations.”

Eloy Tertuliano, account executive at SAP Brazil, says this implementation puts Minas Gerais at the vanguard of innovation in the public sector: “Not only will citizens get customized services, but technology will help the government build credibility with accurate data and better insight into spending.”

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