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Academy Cube combines online learning with job search to connect candidates with employers.

Typical job platforms bring candidates and companies together on the assumption that somehow people will eventually find what they’re looking for. But what if there was a more intelligent matching system that told candidates what qualifications they were missing, provided appropriate skills training and made the connection to companies with open positions?

This is exactly how the Academy Cube, a unique cloud-based job bank and training platform, helped Jaime Moreno Díaz get hired at SAP.

At the end of his three-month internship at the SAP Sustainability Lab in Germany, Moreno Diaz knew this was the company where he wanted to build his professional career. Having graduated from IMF- CEU San Pablo University with a master’s degree in Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, he was committed to making a positive impact in the world, which aligned with SAP’s mission to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Now a Technical Quality Manager at SAP Solution Support in Madrid, Moreno Díaz credits the cost-effective training he received through Academy Cube with helping him land his dream job.

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Jaime Moreno Díaz credits the cost-effective training he received through Academy Cube with helping him land his dream job at SAP.

“Academy Cube allowed me to affordably take courses that helped me learn more about SAP’s technology innovations,” said Moreno Díaz. “So when I began applying for open positions, I had the knowledge to answer the interviewer’s questions, and could demonstrate an understanding of SAP applications and the business processes they impact.”

Faster training and recruiting

Moreno Díaz is not alone in his quest for career success. Almost 73 million youth worldwide are looking for work. However, four out of ten employers in Europe report difficulties finding employees with the right skills. The mismatch is particularly acute in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and information and communication technology (ICT). The European Commission predicts a shortfall of 900,000 STEM and ICT professionals across the region this year.

Based on SuccessFactors Learning and Recruiting software, Academy Cube is filling this gap with its cloud-based platform for job-seekers and companies in search of top talent. Born of a public-private partnership sponsored by companies such as SAP and higher education institutions, Academy Cube not only matches qualified candidates with job openings, but also offers training.

“The Academy Cube platform is breaking new ground. It brings together companies and young job seekers through a single cloud-based solution that combines recruiting and learning,” said Werner Hölzl, CEO at Versino, a company in Germany that participates in the platform.

Intelligent matching to fill innovation jobs

Going further than typical job banks, Academy Cube serves up training that matches actual job profiles of organizations in the system. When posting a job vacancy, hiring companies can also publish appropriate training materials. Candidates can take those courses online and get pre-qualified for positions. Meanwhile companies can monitor job profiles to stay updated with people as their skills improve. To date, candidates have the choice of 130 courses designed to provide learning ‒ and in some cases, certification ‒ in today’s hottest technology areas. These include Big Data, business analytics, in-memory computing, and SAP HANA.

“Topics that will shape the future, such as Industry 4.0 and Big Data, are not getting enough attention at many universities,” said Hölzl. “Academy Cube and SuccessFactors offer the opportunity to train young talent in these areas, and we can find exactly the kind of people our company needs.”

Dynamic online education

While virtual learning options abound, Moreno Díaz found that Academy Cube’s courses offered a valuable combination of theory, real-life simulations, and collaboration.

“It was very cool to get inside the actual software, and play around after each chapter, applying the theory to see how companies use it,” he said. “In addition, I liked the 24/7 support where I could call my contact and he’d help me at any time.”

Academy Cube’s cloud-based platform is built on the SAP Jam social collaboration tool to provide a dynamic online learning experience. For example, Moreno Díaz was able to post questions in “Learning Rooms” where instructors and classmates regularly assisted each other in real-time.

Faster training and recruiting in Europe and beyond

Academy Cube currently has over 11,000 registered job-seekers fielding job offers from companies across Europe. While the platform is open to anyone, there’s a particular focus on youth that are close to graduating or recently graduated from school. Candidates worldwide are encouraged to join.

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