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The Disruptors: Getting Personal With Big Data

The Disruptors is a series of short stories of customer innovation from around the world.

Loyalty campaigns reward connected consumers.

Imagine you’re getting ready for work watching a program on your tablet. Suddenly an alert beams in to inform you that those shoes you had on your wish list are now on promotion. You click to retrieve your coupon and get GPS directions to the store so you can pick them up during lunch time. At the store the salesperson greets you by name, thanks to beacon technology and your online profile. As you pay with your mobile wallet, the system flags another one of your wish list items for home delivery the next day at a fraction of the price as a reward for your loyalty.

Scenarios like this are not futuristic. Today, 63% of B2C decision makers rate personalization a key element in their marketing strategies and 86% of marketers consider mobile loyalty campaigns highly effective. That’s because big data, if used effectively, can predict customer actions with 85% accuracy.


The Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) wanted a loyalty program that would reward customers immediately. Using rich transactional data and a network of partners, they now personalize their customer’s daily commute, suggesting opportunities for culture, sports, entertainment, and shopping. Using a mobile app called Merci, the STM can link its customers with its preferred retailers and activities. Customers can access offers and discounts as they commute, and can use the app to find events close by, and even get a discount on their desired experience. The STM Merci also provides riders with important information about their commute.

Another example is the Barcelona For You Tourist Network running on top of the SAP Urban Intelligence Network, which will simplify the way people experience the city by delivering real-time, personalized information through an easy to use mobile application.

Stay tuned, because 2015 will be the year of the connected consumer!

Top image source: © STM

via SAP News Center

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