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Bill McDermott and François Hollande Talk Technology

The digital agenda of European countries is becoming an increasingly relevant theme, as the cloud and Big Data become aspects of everyday life in the digital economy. SAP CEO Bill McDermott, the President of France, François Hollande, and his Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, met this week to discuss the future of this industry and how members of the EU can work together to drive technological innovation in Europe.

As McDermott explained, almost all economies in the world are either already interconnected, or are reaching this point, as they become more interconnected. This makes it crucial that large enterprises and SMEs in France accelerate digitization in order to encourage growth and create jobs.

But what does this digital economy consist of? According to McDermott, it’s a combination of elements: The Internet of Things, or “Industry of the Future,” as it is known in France, business networks, the cloud, and of course mobile computing. It comes as no surprise that these all play fundamental and integral roles in SAP’s strategy.

McDermott went on to explain that both French and German governments, alongside leading enterprises, must accelerate the growth of the ecosystem that supports the digital economy. In doing so, they will not only become market leaders in this industry, but can also drive higher engagement and digital transformation in Europe.

All three agreed that this can only be achieved if members of the EU, led by France and Germany, and private companies, led by SAP, follow these three key steps:

  • Support start-ups, creation, and growth in the area of the Internet of Things and business networks.
  • Increase focus on and improve quality of higher education about all aspects of the digital economy.
  • Create a culture of trust and confidence in the digital world, ensuring that we reach the right balance between data privacy, public security and free flow of data.

The French President, the Minister of Economy and McDermott arrived at the joint decision to build an action plan so that this vision can be realized and the technological landscape of Europe can become even more interconnected.

Photos courtesy of Élysée: Présidence de la République

via SAP News Center

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