Thứ Năm, 23 tháng 4, 2015

SI_CONTRACT Bdoc shows 0 results



We are trying to replicate ISU Contracts to CRM (One way only) and as precondition we managed to replicate BP, Contract Account, Connection Objects & PoD's successfully.


For ISU Contracts we did the following configurations:



Step-1-Set Default Product,SM30 [Table Name-ECRMSETTINGS] (Define dummy products, as we don't have any specific products)

Step-2-Activation of Contract Integration Flag, SM30 [Table Name-ECRMCONTROL]

Step-3- Setting the CRM transaction type,SM30 - ECRMTRANSACTTYPE

Step-4- Ran the report ECRM_GENERATE_EVERH



Copied transaction type ISUL & Item ISUL

Defined transaction under IS-U transaction type also with usage as " Standard Transaction Type"


Did the replication and its shows green, but when I check in SMW01, SI_Contract Bdoc is showing 0 results.


Please suggest am I missing anything.


Thanks & Regards,


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