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Who are You Calling a Nerd?

Open-plan offices, senseless meetings, and endless monotony – that’s how most graduates imagine IT companies. Young SAP employees dispel this cliché.

People_NNNSAP’s “Run Simple Truck” rolls into Vallendar. It’s the start of a six-month tour with over 120 stops throughout Europe. Its cargo: innovative showcases that demonstrate how the Run Simple operating principle can help existing and potential customers make their companies more successful.

But that’s not all. This time around, it’s also opening its doors at selected universities in Germany and Austria and inviting students to get to know SAP. At these stops, the focus isn’t on the regular lineup. Young SAP employees and recruiters are on board to establish contact with the students. They want to show university graduates that SAP is nothing like the cliché of a boring IT company. Their message: At SAP, we’re #NotJustNerds (the German motto: #NichtNurNerds).

It all started in November 2014. Young SAP employees in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were assigned to a very special task by the HR department: Develop a plan for how to win young people over to SAP, with a special focus on the sales department.

This sowed the seed for the pilot project “Millenials talk to Millenials.”

Whiz forward to March 2015. With creative ideas and the first successful milestones, the project team presents its plan to the local sponsors Harry Thomsen, Managing Director SAP Germany; Ernesto Marinelli, Head of HR MEE; and Peter Schielzeth, COO of SAP Germany, as well as to representatives of the press. The idea was simple. Meet young people where they spend a majority of their time – at their universities and on social media.

That’s where the Run Simple truck comes in.

NNN_“We have planned our stops at the universities carefully. After close consultation, we selected five,” says Florentina Keller, Road Trip Lead.

“Our aim is to make the students enthusiastic about SAP on site, for example, with innovative projects like the ones we presented at CeBIT, as well as with open-house events,” explains Ansgar Ruhnau, the project manager.

Project members and sponsors tell us what’s cool about SAP, dispel clichés, and why young talent is important.

During a speed dating round with the recruits and the “NotJustNerds” team, students can find out about SAP and their career opportunities. There’s also a video to give them a first impression of what working at SAP in Sales and Sales-support functions is actually like. The truck visitors can then put their sales talent to the test. In a short sales pitch, which is recorded on video, they are given a pair of nerd glasses – matching the topic and logo – and asked to “sell” them to a passerby. Success is rewarded with prizes.

The university tour also has a Facebook page, where the project members write about the tour and the project, share photos, and invite students to get involved.

HTH_mit_NNN“We’re a cool company and we want to show it,” says Harry Thomsen, who is visibly enthusiastic about the project. “Diversity has made SAP the company it is today, and will continue to play a crucial role in future. So seize this opportunity and get the young people excited about SAP,” he called on the project team.

The Run Simple truck is on the road. The first stops are behind them and the students didn’t pass up the opportunity to see the SAP Run Simple truck up close and to realize: SAP employees are #NotJustNerds.

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via SAP News Center

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