Thứ Sáu, 8 tháng 5, 2015

Document type while transfer from fica to fico

What we have observed is that we post a payment using payment lot (FP05), The FI document generated at the end of the process (checked in FB03) is of document type MC. However when we post a payment using FPE1 t-code (using main and sub: 0600/0010), the FI document created at the end of the process is a MN.


What we want to find out is how is the system understanding whether to select MN or MC document type at the FI entry stage for the FICA postings that we are creating? And secondly, how can we control this, so that we can get MC document type being used for the FI entry for 0600/0010 payment that we are posting manually in FICA using FPE1.

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