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DuPont Pioneer Uses SAP HANA as “Seed for Speed” In Supply Chain Agribusiness

This week at the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG annual event, DuPont Pioneer revealed how they are using the SAP HANA platform to eliminate time-consuming transactions and enable the business with real-time information.

With operations in more than 90 countries, DuPont Pioneer is a leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics providing high-quality seeds to farmers around the world. The company’s Supply Chain group operates more than 75 Pioneer production locations around the world which grow, condition and distribute seed product. But it’s a huge challenge to bring one product to a distribution center and distribute to customers around the world.

“It’s a complex process that’s why we have a ‘seed for speed’,” said Steve Schultz, Senior Planning Manager S&OP, DuPont Pioneer. “If customer is not happy were probably not going to make a sale.”

Dupont Pioneer loses a lot of money due to dependency on old data. With SAP HANA the company now has the ability to look at order data in real time without a demand signal. And by using tools in SAP BusinessObjects, Dupont Pioneer has enabled proactive versus reactive decision making, which is saving millions of dollars in transportation and warehouse costs. Analyzing real time data has also generated warehousing efficiencies, allowing the company to optimize capacity and assets.

From a deployment perspective, DuPont Pioneer used SAP HANA in a “sidecar” scenario which means it was non-disruptive to their R3 environment.

“We achieved a quick deployment and ROI with a six week pilot,” said Rohit Shukla, BI Development Staff Specialist at DuPont Pioneer. “We are poised to take on big data as we move forward.”

SAP HANA also allows DuPont react to transportation issues more effectively. Full loads reduce returns which ultimately reduces inventory on the warehouse floor. And when dealing with living organisms like seeds, this helps DuPont Pioneer keep an eye on quality. If a customer, for example, changes their mind after an order has shipped, DuPont Pioneer can get order timely from the SAP HANA system and react in a timely manner.

“Less surplus means less inventory,” said Schultz. “We see real savings here just from using real time data. It reduces stock, recalls and dissatisfied customers.”

On DuPont Pioneer’s old system, Schultz recalls a time when he could get four cups of coffee while running a report. “Thanks to SAP HANA I only have time for half a cup. It’s a really dynamic system and we are very excited.”

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