Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 5, 2015

Gender Pay Equality: How to Make Real Progress

The buzz: Show her the money!

In her recent Oscars acceptance speech, actress Patricia Arquette made an impassioned plea for gender pay equality for women everywhere.

Since then, it seems everyone has voiced their opinion, from CEO Marc Benioff to the Pope.

Game-Changing Women Radio executive producer Jenny Dearborn’s take: “It’s time for organizations to examine, admit to, and erase their pay gaps. As employees and consumers we must hold companies accountable to right the decades of wrongs in denying women equal pay.”

It’s time to get the facts and move this important challenge forward in our global workplace.

The experts speak.

Aniela Unguresan, EDGE Certified Foundation: “’What gets measured gets done’ (Tom Peters) – and it is no different when it comes to pay equity.”

Dan Briskin, Gap Inc.: “We find comfort among those who agree with us, and growth among those who don’t.” (Frank A. Clark)

Bianca McCann, SAP: “If better is possible, good is not enough.” (Unknown)

Join us for Gender Pay Equality: How to Make Real Progress.

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