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Mercedes-AMG Drives Personalized Simplification with SAP HANA

In the race to digitization, Mercedes-AMG (AMG) is turbo-charging a big win with the GTS, a car that’s wowing the crowds at SAPPHIRE NOW this week in Orlando, Florida.

AMGAdmittedly not for everyone with its starting price tag of USD$129K, this beauty in gleaming SAP blue is nicknamed the Porsche-killer, boasting 503 horsepower and acceleration from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.6 seconds. Amazingly, one person assembles each made-to-order engine from start to finish. That’s where the brilliant partnership between AMG and SAP comes in.

Long-recognized for creating high-performance Mercedes-Benz automobiles, AMG selected the SAP HANA Platform and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA to help optimize its design, development and testing environment at its facilities in Affalterbach, Germany. As a result, AMG is simplifying the traditionally complex process of automobile manufacturing, especially when it comes to prototyping designs. For example, a typical engine test runs 50 minutes, employs up to 300 sensors, and generates anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000 data elements per second. In the new engine testing environment, technicians can correlate sensor data from the engines with historical test data in real time. They can identify and analyze potential problems faster, accelerating efficiency and lowering costs to deliver finished cars faster to customers.

AMG’s close partnership with SAP allows the company to take full advantage of the latest innovations aligned to their short and long-term business objectives. The company also uses Design Thinking to test development based on the actual requirements of engineers, saving time throughout the iteration process.

In many ways, this partnership is setting new standards for industry digital excellence, simplifying traditionally complex design and manufacturing processes with real-time transparency. Most important, customers are even more assured of receiving the quality cars they expect, to their individual specifications. Time was when customization meant higher costs and longer waiting times. Cost-effective personalization is no longer an oxymoron as 21st century digitization simplifies how businesses design and deliver products to consumers who can only drive away happier.

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