Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 5, 2015

Personalized Medicine: Individual Therapies for All?

The buzz: ‘Make for me’ healthcare.

In medicine, one-size-fits-all treatments have helped save many people cost-efficiently. But for complicated illnesses like cancer, a standardized approach doesn’t always work.

Personalized medicine – tailored to a specific patient profile – may be the answer.

Yes, it sounds promising, but will individualized therapies really work? Will they be affordable beyond the wealthy? And will they be appropriate for every patient and each illness?

The experts speak.

Barbra McGann, HfS: “The future is a point on the horizon toward which we are headed. We can’t get to the future right away because there is stuff in the way. We have to tack back and forth around obstacles.” (Paraphrased from Michael Rogers)

Subhro Mallik, Infosys: “It’s supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button.” (John Brunner)

Emanuel Ziegler, SAP: “Numerical quantities focus on expected values, graphical summaries on unexpected values.” (John W. Tukey)

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