Thứ Ba, 19 tháng 5, 2015

Smarter Cities: The Future Metropolis and Societal Impact

The buzz: Cities.

Connected cars, connected devices, connected wearables and more connected “stuff” are already here.

But if your city were connected, too, then the data generated could provide predictive maintenance plus smarter decisions to help your city run simple. And that’s a very good thing.

Many questions come to mind.

What do today’s mayors focus on every day?

What makes a “digital city”?

Can – and how can – your company be part of such a future metropolis?

What societal impact can this connectedness bring to the Digital Economy?

The experts speak.

Joe Francica, Pitney Bowes: “You can look at tables and pie charts and KPIs and graphs…or one map. That’s location intelligence – a business perspective that highlights proximity and juxtaposition and ‘where.’”

Stephen Goldsmith, Harvard Kennedy School, former Deputy Mayor of New York City: “The digital age that has so changed every aspect of life can also fundamentally improve local government and raise the civic spirit of our people and the officials who serve them.” (Stephen Goldsmith and Susan Crawford, co-authors: The Responsive City)

Dante Ricci, SAP: “City government and private service providers have the opportunity to remove the IT complexity built up over decades to unlock potential and transform quickly to seize the moment.”

Join us for Smarter Cities: The Future Metropolis and Societal Impact.


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