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Convert uncashed checks from legacy in SAP to perform escheatment in SAP

Hello Experts,


I have a requirement in my current project which requires us to perform escheatment in FICA. I have not worked on escheatment process before and the only helpful material I could find was mentioned on The link to same is mentioned below:


Need your help to understand how can we convert uncashed checks from legacy to SAP so that we can perform escheatment in SAP.


Also the only information which I found can be stored in SAP related to receiver code is


  • The start of the check escheatment process (issue date of check + number of days)
  • The date of the check escheatment (issue date of check + number of days)
  • The receiver of the check escheatment as a combination of business partner and contract account (of the U.S. state to which escheatment is made) or a G/L account
  • Whether checks are escheated dependent on the amount of the check


Please let me know if we can go escheatment reporting directly from SAP or can store any other information related to escheated state in SAP.


Thanking you in anticipation.




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