Thứ Hai, 15 tháng 6, 2015

EMIGALL: Replacement via INST_MGMT

Hi everyone.


Im trying to migrate a device replacement by using INST_MGMT migration object. but whatever I do, I get the error "Not all meter readings results have been entered".


What Im doing:

- in DI_INT I put "03" in ACTION field

- in DI_ZW Im entering ZWSTANDCA (reading from the device im removing), ZWSTANDCE (reading from the new device Im installing)

- in DI_GER Im entering EQUNRNEU with the new device

I have also tryed enabling the field NO_MR_REQUIRED in DI_GER and populating it with "X", but that didnt change the situation nor corrected the error.


Am I missing any mandatory field or a part of the process?


When I run EMIGALL with the "W/o screens" option switched off, I see that the replacement screen gets triggered, and the both old and new devices are recognized and populated, but no data is entered in the following screen where the readings from the old and new device should be entered.


Did anyone run up to this situation or can help with a suggestion?


Thanks in advance!



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