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Simplifying Payment Processes for SMEs

Imagine the excitement of starting your own business! That great idea is now a product, an investor is backing you and people are starting to buy. But business reality hits soon and hard, especially when it comes to keeping the books and managing, accepting and customizing payments for your customers.

Now, imagine your business is growing and you want to expand abroad, but international transactions are costly. Or you are doing business with entities that don’t support flexible credit card payments. And what about fraud and compliance issues? Soon you are mired in operational tasks instead of spending time innovating your product and building your business.

Unico, a unique solution

Managing finances and other operations can be quite a challenge for small and midsize businesses. Requirements and landscapes also vary by industry. Retail, for example, is especially impacted because people expect flexible pay options in a variety of environments.

To solve some of these issues, Elavon, one of the world’s largest credit card companies, recently partnered with SAP in Brazil and NMS, a local ERP partner. Together they developed an app called Unico which integrates simplified payment and accounting functionality with sales data in the Elavon, SAP and NMS systems. An exemplar of user friendliness, Unico is easy to buy online with a credit card and easy to install step by step with video instructions. The app will enable Elavon’s network of over 50,000 customers to manage business process more efficiently, consolidate payments and ensure compliance.

Cloud is the big differentiator

“What sets this solution apart,” explains Sandra Vaz, Head of SAP Business One, Latin America, “is SAP’s cloud infrastructure. It eliminates the need for service providers, installation licenses, backups and upgrades.”

The package costs US$270 to install and only $170 per month to run, making this a very affordable option even for companies on a very tight budget.

“Cloud solutions like Unico are particularly welcome in Latin America, a region with unlimited opportunity for SMEs, but especially in Brazil, home to over one million small and mid-sized businesses. For these enterprises which range from restaurants and ice cream parlors to small farms and language schools, Cloud solutions are an affordable way to manage processes, deal with finances and comply with regulations,” says Sandra.

So whether your business is firmly established or you’re just starting out, simple, easy to use solutions like Unico can be a real game changer!


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