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Startup Shifts into Solid Growth with SAP Business One

When Kelsey Networks first deployed SAP Business One with support of SAP partner IIS Group, the company was an ambitious startup looking to solve growing pains many fledging enterprises suffer.

The IT solutions provider, which specializes in the installation and support of various solutions, realized it needed a centralized solution to manage different company activities. Barry Ruston, Company Director, explains.

What systems did you have in place before SAP Business One?

We were using [a popular small business software package]. As a startup company, we began using [it] to manage basic financials. But as we began to grow we started to consider what was going to happen next with our software. [The software] had a lot of bolt-ons which would’ve expanded the solution, but they weren’t really for us.

When we first took on SAP Business One, we realised that we were outside of the standard profile of its average users – because we were a startup organization. When we started we were an organization with a turnover around £100-200k. Effectively, there were only two of us. Now there are eight of us.

What problems were you experiencing with your old software?

At the time we also ran a bespoke database, which actually worked for us quite nicely. But we had issues around sustaining the database and maintaining it. We needed a solution that would track auditable purchases. We also wanted to start working to a structure, rather than working ad-hoc on a sale to sale basis.

One of the biggest problems we were having is that we were running multiple systems and trying to marry them up. Consolidating the data was always an issue. Another problem we had was around stock management. But we also wanted a solution that would incorporate the service arm of our business.

Since using SAP Business One we’ve certainly been able go for bigger and more structured contracts. Additionally, it’s also helped us structure how we work more effectively.

How has SAP Business One helped you strengthen client relationships?

With SAP Business One we are able to offer a ‘cradle to grave’ service to customers now – in terms of procurement, service, support, and ultimately the ability to generate on-going reports for our support personnel. SAP Business One has enabled us to sustain and manage our existing contracts and also bring on new ones with relative ease.

Has SAP Business One helped you deliver projects more easily and to budget?

It has, especially from a financial point of view. Although you still require somebody manually to progress things, all of the tools are in the solution to help us successfully deliver a project.

Typically, before SAP Business One, there used to be a couple of user sites – which we could handle fairly easily. But we’ve got a number of contracts now where we’ve got 50+ users and we can now bring them into the system and manage them. Once the data is in SAP Business One, from that point onwards we can then effectively integrate and store information centrally.

Even after using SAP Business One for all of these years, we know there’s still more to come from the system. We do know it’ll do more for us moving forward.

How has using SAP Business One helped you in your role as a company director?

I can now get a complete overview of the business – a 360° view of what’s going on. Importantly, I can then drill-down into information. This feature has become easier as different versions have been developed. The more data that’s in the system, the more valuable this ability. The standard queries within SAP are also really helpful.

This article originally appeared on the IIS Group web site. IIS is an accredited member of the SAP Partner Quality program.

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