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Joint invoicing and multiple periods



We have two installations I1 & I2, which are setup to be jointly invoiced.

When we bill the installations for Jan 2015-Mar 2015, we get three billing documents.


But when we invoice the contract account, we were hoping a single invoice/print document gets generated for both the installations and the three months.

Instead it is just generating 1 invoice per month, including both installations.


That is:

We have

     B1 for Month 1 installation 1

     B2 for Month 2 installation 1

     B3 for Month 3 installation 1

     B4 for Month 1 installation 2

     B5 for Month 2 installation 2

     B6 for Month 3 installation 2


What we expected when we invoiced (Tried at contract account level and )

    A single print document P1 including, Installations I1 & I2 and months Month 1-3


But what we got is

    P1, for month1, for installations I1&I2

    P2, for month1, for installations I1&I2

    P3, for month1, for installations I1&I2


We can see that joint invoicing is happening, but it has generated one invoice per month.

Is this how standard SAP works?

Is there some configuration that can be done to make sure, we have a single invoice for the whole three months and two installations?


Any inputs will be highly appreciated.




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