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#SAPSMBChat – Special Interactive Event on July 16!

Join us – Thursday, July 16, 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET at #SAPSMBChat – for a special interactive event on Twitter with celebrity author Susan Solovic, nationally known as THE Small Business Expert, and Carrie Maslen, Vice President of Small and Medium Enterprises, SAP.

The two will share insights about issues affecting small businesses and answer your questions in a one-hour tweet chat at #SAPSMBChat. The topic under discussion will be “How to Make Your Next Employee Your Best Employee.”

Solovic recently shared her blog on this topic with The Small Business Coach on the SAP News Center. She wrote that in a recent survey of the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends Report, close to 30% of small business owners say they have at least one job opening that they have been unable to fill – one of the highest numbers in 40% years. To better compete for top talent, Solovic advises small business owners to get creative with their recruiting. For more information, be sure to read Solovic’s “Seven Savvy Tips to Make Your Next Employee Your Best Employee.”

SAP’s Carrie Maslen is an active contributor to the Small Business Coach series, as well. This summer she has advised small business owners on an array of diverse topics, like outsourcing solutions and how to find your unique value proposition. Both experts participated in recent panel discussions about small business trends and issues on SAP Radio. You can listen to these insightful podcasts at the following links: Sustainable Collaboration with Partners and The Art of Customer Engagement.

What is a Tweet Chat?

For readers unfamiliar with tweet chats, here is a definition from Forbes:

“A tweet chat is a live Twitter event, usually moderated and focused around a general topic. To filter all the chatter on Twitter into a single conversation a hashtag is used. A set time is also established so that the moderator, guest or host is available to engage in the conversation.”

You can participate in the tweet chat by joining the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SAPSMBChat at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET on July 16 with your questions and observations about hiring and recruiting matters at your business. Share your experiences on this important topic. Moderating the event will be Brian Moran, publisher of small business edge, and Ursula Ringham, Director of Global Indirect Marketing, SAP.

To prepare for the event, you can follow Susan Solovic (@SusanSolovic) and Carrie Maslen (@carriemaslen). Be sure to follow SAP’s latest news and events for small business on Facebook and Twitter @SAP4SmallBiz.

Join us for an exciting hour of small business chat!

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