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Take A Step Back To See The Bigger Picture: Introducing Digitalist Magazine, Executive Quarterly

With the introduction of the Digitalist Magazine, we announced a new direction in our journey to fully embrace the emergence of the digital economy – a worldwide transformation of the way that we connect with each other and to the things with which we work.

This is the Digitalist journey: a Digitalist is anyone with the leadership responsibility of helping their enterprise strategize and execute the digital transformation. This is important to enterprises globally, as they seek to create new value and improve the way we live.

We have received overwhelming positive support for this direction from you, our readers, and recruited new Digitalists around the world. We encourage you to continue to comment and provide feedback to us on how we can help you be successful in your Digitalist mission. The Digitalist Magazine, Online Edition is your always-on digital companion on this journey – providing the latest news and analysis of what’s important in the digital economy.

Today, I’m proud to make another announcement in furthering our quest to help Digitalists succeed: Digitalist Magazine, Executive Quarterly. The Executive Quarterly is a tablet-based magazine distillation of technologies and business strategies that are gaining momentum, and that you can capitalize upon today. It is written with a strategic enterprise view, specifically to help executives understand the digital economy, but more importantly, apply it to their own large-scale enterprise transformation.

This interactive format allows us to richly engage Digitalists and step back with a higher level of analysis to deliver the broad insights you need to stay ahead in this economy. We begin the inaugural edition of the Quarterly with the Digital Economy Manifesto, bringing you the seven Digitalist Principles. Then, in the front of the magazine, called Push, we cover the who and where at the forefront of the digital economy. In the center of the magazine, called Profit, we cover emerging mainstream topics that you can apply to your business today. And we will always end with #boldlydigital to help you bring everything together and apply an executive perspective to change in enterprises.

We hope this additional format, filled with deep insights and analysis, will help each executive fulfill a mission with their enterprise. Ultimately, these innovations come together to help the world run better and improve people’s lives.

Digitalist Magazine, Executive Quarterly, is an app that is free to download for tablets, only from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

This story originally appeared in the Digitalist Magazine.
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