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Top Honors for TwoGo by SAP

This year’s “European Corporate Ridesharing Technology Leadership Award” goes to SAP.

Dieter Hässlein, head of Energy & Natural Resource Industries and Sustainability Products at SAP, and David Sommer, co-inventor and product owner of TwoGo by SAP, traveled to London to accept the award at an exclusive gala event on July 1.

TwoGoSpeaking at the award ceremony, which took place at the Royal Garden Hotel in London’s Kensington district, Hässlein said, “This award is a real proof point for SAP’s extraordinary capacity for innovation; our ride-sharing solution originated on the initiative of two SAP employees who – eight years ago – recognized a need and predicted a future trend. This award shows that SAP is just as capable of developing leading consumer solutions as it is of delivering “traditional” business process applications.”

Analysts from the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan singled out TwoGo by SAP for this award because of its contribution to tackling key challenges that both society and business face. Here, they referred specifically to climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the need for new mobility concepts.

TwoGo by SAP not only makes it easy for a potential ride-sharer to find a matching driver or passenger, it also provides information about the mileage driven on a ride-share and the volume of CO2 emissions saved. As well as enabling enterprises to reduce the size of their company car fleet and the number of parking spaces required, SAP’s ride-sharing solution promotes networking and collaboration between colleagues. Frost & Sullivan is convinced of the benefits that enterprises, employees, and consumers can gain by using ride-sharing solutions, just like this one. It also predicts that the market for such solutions will develop favorably in years to come.

“TwoGo by SAP is a perfect illustration of our sustainable corporate strategy,” says Daniel Schmid, Chief Sustainability Officer at SAP, and an enthusiastic TwoGo user. “As an IT solution provider, SAP has to do more than just lead by example in its own operations; it must help customers and society in general to overcome certain social, ecological, and economic challenges.”

In 2007, David Sommer teamed up with colleague and friend Jens Lehmann to develop TwoGo in their spare time, which they then presented to SAP two years later. Sommer is delighted with the award. “Those years of hard work and commitment have really paid off: This is confirmation that our solution is not just very user-friendly but a technological frontrunner too,” he says. “In our solution, the system automatically matches ride offers and requests based on each individual’s requirements. Users don’t have to wade through lists like they do in other ride-sharing apps.”

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