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Disconnect Document and Device Removal

Hi everybody,


For a disconnect document (tcode EC87) SAP has status 23 (Device Removal Started) and 24(Device Removal Executed).


We understand SAP sets these statuses automatically, but we do not know what are the transactions that lead to these statuses to be set automatically.


We would like to be able to initiate a meter removal order and have the disc.doc.status to be 23 and then when the meter removal order is completed to have the status be 24.


In other words, we would like our disc.doc to have the following statuses with corresponding work orders as disconnect activities.


20 - Disconnection started (Disc. order created and linked to disc.doc)

21 - Disconnection carried out (Disc.order technically completed)

... <30 days after the disconnection, device removal is triggered>

23 - Device removal started (Meter removal order created and linked to disc.doc)

24 - Device Removal Executed (Meter removal order technically completed)


As a side note, when we execute tcode EG32 - Full Removal, SAP sets the disc.doc status to 27(All Devices removed and Disconnected). This is good, but we would like to be able to split the process in 2 parts (23 and 24)


Thanks in advance for your help



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