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Options for FPY1

Presently we have two payment run for FPY1 i.e. payment method X to get document posted based on due date and another payment method y where customer has the option to pay before due date,   On top of that we have multiple currency/country for which we need to create different files . All this results into creation of 4 files,  2 file per payment method for 2 banks.

our requirement is to create only one file for two payment method so we bring down number of files from 4 to 2

I have considered below option, p

a) Do not run payment medium along with FPY1, but create custom program so that it can combine data for two payment method and populate in one single file.

is there way to have single payment run for two payment method x & y? 

Also Please let me know if there is any other solution for this or standard SAP approach to meet the requirement?

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