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Emigall Partner perfomance issue



We're using Emigall to migrate BP- Partner data into the system. We have to migrate 360.000 registers.


First we use parallel background processing to load 30.000 register in each one.

We notice the perfomance was very bad, so we decided to stop the load.


In our second attempt we applied the following SAP Notes in our system

First of all we deactivate CRM replication with BF11 transaction (BD-MID)


Then applied the following notes in our system.

168960 - Deactivate statistics update for migration

459434 - Performance PARTNER / CONNOBJ (Change documents address)

805551 - CONNOBJ: Change documents, address

436715 - Switching on local posting with migration


We also check the following ones (but are not suituable in our SAP version):

713101 - Performance problem during check of form of address

720223 - Change documents are written when migrating from BP

735229 - Inperfomant accesses within ISU_Partner_Memory_Get

752926 - Unnecessary accesses on table ECUS760709 - Change Document for Tax Number not suppressed

713659 - IS migration - Performance increase with access to KSM

752943 - Performance - Update migration statistics only with commit

759426 - Commit buffering does not perform with migration object


In this second attempt we started over 8.000 reg/hour but then  performance gets very bad to 1.000 reg/hour

Any idea or suggestion?

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