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Killer Apps Aim to Keep You Healthy at DemoJam 2015

SAP customers, partners and employees pitted brand new applications against each other during the latest version of DemoJam (#DemoJam) on Wednesday night at SAP TechEd (#SAPtd) in Las Vegas. The ultimate developer competition featured six teams that had just squared off against each other days before.

Setting the Stage

The teams built their apps — and won their spots at DemoJam — during last weekend’s 32-hour hackathon, SAP InnoJam (#InnoJam), where they beat seven other teams creating innovative solutions to problems facing the medical and healthcare industries. Each team had to demonstrate its app in no more than six minutes, and the SAP TechEd audience determined the winner via the not-quite-unassailable Clapometer.

Team Chico, which included last year’s SAP InnoJam winner Tom Wilder from California State University, Chico, offered MediJAM. The app delivers personalized healthcare thanks to remote sensors, which help patients stay in touch with their physicians.

Next, Med-Amplifier would help travelers with medical conditions locate facilities capable of providing them with the special care they need. Third, Patient Cues uses real-time data from multiple nearby healthcare providers to help people who have just fallen ill find the shortest waiting times.

But the DemoJam audience didn’t clap loudly enough for any of the teams above …

… And Then There Were Three

Third place went to KidEatz, which helps parents track what their kids eat by using a smartphones camera to scan bar codes, or photograph — and recognize — food without bar codes, such as an apple. The app can help set goals and rewards for good behavior, and indicates whether food is healthy or not with a simple smiling or frowning emoji.

“Our vision for the KidEatz app was to empower parents to both monitor and motivate their children to make healthy food choices,” Purdue University’s Rachel Crouch said — in the only demo that finished in less than six minutes. “Also we wanted to enable and encourage the children to select those choices themselves.”

Second place went to Health Me!, which helps physicians keep better track of high-risk patients, such as someone who has suffered a heart attack and lives far from an appropriate healthcare facility. The app uses sensors, geolocation and smartphone technology to remotely monitor and consult with patients — and verify patient compliance.

And the winner was Sensor Monitoring to Improve the Lives of Employees (S.M.I.L.E.), which uses workstation sensors to monitor heat and movement of people in and office. DemoJam mainstays Nic Doodson and Will Powell of Keytree Ltd. described how sensor data could help keep workers healthier, reduce absenteeism and cut healthcare costs by ensuring that people stay hydrated and don’t sit for too long.

“We’re sending millions of bits of data into SAP HANA to … make sure that Will is a lot healthier,” Doodson said of the S.M.I.L.E. sensors that monitored Powell onstage. “We’re going to have a healthier employee, a healthier organization, and we think that’s enough to make anyone smile.”

Doodson and Powell were certainly smiling as they and their teammates received medals for their fourth DemoJam victory.

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This story originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.

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