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Video: AES Eletropaulo Keeps the Lights on in Brazil with SAP

An estimated 20 million people in São Paulo, Brazil, depend on AES Eletropaulo for their daily energy needs. As part of energy firm AES Brasil, AES Eletropaulo distributes electricity to more than 7 million installations throughout São Paulo.

Brazil’s energy sector is rife with challenges, however, that can interfere with the firm’s mission to provide consistent and reliable service to its customers. AES Eletropaulo is keenly focused on providing an optimal customer experience, maintaining productivity, and increasing operational efficiency. Any downtime can potentially have a huge impact on revenue and customer satisfaction.

Renato Costa, IT Infrastructure Manager, AES Brasil, says, “We are really taking our business to the next level. We have to listen to our customers. They want 100% availability of energy. Power outages, today, they are not acceptable.”

To get the job done, AES requires transparency, monitoring, and the ability to predict what will happen in its operational environment. The firm’s SAP infrastructure is vital for its ability to support robust operational management.

AES Eletropaulo Chooses SAP Certified Partner TIVIT

IT partner TIVIT is a leading integrated services provider in Latin America and a Run SAP PartnerEdge program certified partner. Its partnership with SAP gives it the inside edge on ensuring that its customers get the knowledge and skills they need to maximize their SAP investment.

Carlos Gazaffi, Vice President of IT and Business, TIVIT Brazil, says, “On a daily basis basically we are helping our clients to optimize their processes, their applications, to make it more efficient and help them to align their business strategy with the IT.”

For AES Eletropaulo, the benefits of working with an SAP certified partner are apparent through the knowledge and synergy TIVIT brings to its work with SAP internal teams as well as AES’s own technical teams.

Costa says, “Today, if you choose to have an SAP platform, it makes such a huge difference if you have somebody that is specialized and certified by SAP, by the maker of the product in supporting and providing enhancements and improvement for that. No doubts about it.”

Find out more about how SAP partner TIVIT supports AES Eletropaulo in its mission to keep the lights on over São Paulo. Watch the video below.

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