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How to customize changes in UI code for call to ERP_UTILITIES_UMC_URM (ISU server scenario only )in umcui5_mobile app



I had customized the standard MCF package(umcui5 mobile) for ISU server scenario only by referring below link.


ISU server SP05



SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and Public Sector: Setting up Responsive UI templates for IS-U only scenario



Can anyone also guide me on how to perform changes in standard UI code for getting "Existing Sign Up" page functionality working in ISU server scenario only and so changes need to done to call ERP_UTILITIES_UMC_URM service rather then calling CRM_UTILITIES_UMC_URM service in UMCUI5_MOBILE (private/logon) code.I need to do check for getting the functionality works 'User sends a user creation request based on contract account/business agreement ID and email (existing customer scenario)' in umcui5_mobile app in ISU.


For information:-Already done setup activation process for service ERP_UTILITIES_UMC_URM on ISU service and also check collections UserRequest and UserRequestActivationCollection working fine from REST CLIENT.


Also Reffered links below:-

SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and Public Sector: User Management Overview


User Self Service in SAP NetWeaver Gateway


Getting the below error after clicking on Submit button in ExistingSIgnUp page:-




So please help me with your suggestion and guidance.


Thanks & Regards:-

Anjali Agrawal

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