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Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Life is sometimes a circus, but finances don’t have to be. That’s why some clowns decided to get their act together and implement SAP Business One.

Felipe Ternes did not start out to be a businessman. He is first and foremost an expert in the universal language of laughter; he knows how to make people laugh at nothing and understands the power of using humor to help people cope with challenging situations. But his own challenges were no laughing matter.

“When we first started out, we were completely focused on the theater, music and the day-to-day life in a circus. But as our company became more and more popular, people were asking us for bids; we had to deal with invoices. It became very confusing. We were really just a bunch of performers. We were putting in our personal money and had no insight into where it went and how to divide up the proceeds. We were completely unorganized.”

Curtain Up!

Eleven years ago, six people came together to devote their time to the artistic side of clownery. They were particularly interested in exploring and refining this performing art in the areas of music, theater and circus. Over time “Cia dos Palhaços“ became a business model. Now the group wants to expand their business even further with the help of SAP Business One.

Over time, as Felipe’s company ‘of clowns’ continued to grow, he and his partners decided to get their act together. They decided to implement SAP Business One.

“None of us had any technical experience whatsoever. We were worried that implementing SAP software would be difficult, but it was fast and easy. One of my partners did it himself. He just sat down at our company laptop and started following the instructions. It took about an hour. We did not have to spend any money on consultants or anyone else to help us set it up. Now we are recommending SAP Business One to our partners and associates.”

Now all the company’s operational processes run on SAP. The results were quickly felt. The company saw an increase in revenues thanks to their ability to make better decisions that helped reduce costs.

“We finally are in control of our finances,” says Felipe. “We get salaries. We found out that sometimes we were being taxed for the same show by both the city and municipality. But the best thing is that we are more confident about how we make decisions. For example, we knew we needed to renovate our headquarters but we kept procrastinating because we were afraid of the expenses and all the bureaucracy. With SAP Business One we have all the data in one place. We were able to start renovations without any hassle. Oh, and the funniest thing… our customers are amazed to hear we run on SAP. Many of them run on SAP as well. We find that is a factor in driving more business.”

When it comes to running a business, looks like Felipe and his company of clowns are having the last laugh!


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