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Question on Auto Clearing & dunning of negative amounts

I have a couple of questions related to Credits which I am encountering in our system :


Whenever credits are transferred from another CA (doc type XF), these are not picked up in auto clearing.


Let me explain this with an example & this typically happens in Bankruptcy cases. If a customer files for Bankruptcy , all the payments made after the bankruptcy filing are moved to new account. All the unpaid bills remain on old account. Suppose  .$ 100 credit was  transferred to new account & the customer was subsequently invoiced , the auto-clearing does not clear the credit against the invoice. Also we see this credit going thru' dunning process though we have set in config that dunning should not occur for less than 60. I see this behavior for Security deposit refunds too , where the credit is on doc type IN. They are not cleared in auto clearing & go thru' dunning.


Where should i look in clearing rules to address the first issue ?

For the -ve amount going thru' dunning process ... do i need to look for any enhancement.


I have attached a couple of screenshot of accounts where Security deposit refund were transferred & example 3 is for recently released Security deposit (docs of this type though having credit go thru dunning)


Appreciate your advise.

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