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SAP Addresses the Digital Skills Gap to Accelerate Digital Transformation

How many passwords do you have? Like most people, you’ve probably stopped counting long ago. Well, the aggravating tyranny of passwords is about to be disrupted.

Students at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) demonstrated their new cloud-based solution to this digital challenge during Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC16), being held this week in Barcelona. Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, “Passwords Are Obsolete – Automatic User Authentication Through Wearables and Mobile Devices” provides seamless user authentication based on data taken from diversified sources, like user habits, location, and recognition of personal devices.

This is just one of the many truly amazing student-built demos that was presented at the SAP stand in Hall 3 during MWC16. More than 100 young talents and university students came together through the SAP University Alliances program to showcase their cloud-based apps to industry executives and IT professionals.

SAP Next-Gen Consulting Accelerates Innovation

Visitors to the SAP stand had the opportunity to engage with students participating in SAP Next-Gen Consulting – an exciting collaboration of SAP University Alliances with tech accelerator RocketSpace to introduce the next generation of designers, developers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Aimed at accelerating innovation adoption in business, SAP Next-Gen Consulting provides a pathway for executives to benefit from the digital know-how and creative energy of the Millennial generation.

The students – equipped with matching gray t-shirts and hats bearing the SAP Next-Gen Consulting logo – showcased their unique creativity and technical prowess for solving uncanny technical challenges while presenting a delightful user experience. “Deepface,” a demo developed by HPI students who are on SAP internships at Silicon Valley, recognizes the gender and approximate age of passersby. Based on machine learning, Deepface remains very polite in estimating peoples’ ages. With its mirror-like screen and floating geometric areas of focus, it attracts a number of visitors who are happy to stop and peer into it while it performs its calculations.

Time-saving app “Jarvis” integrates a route planner with the user’s agenda to send notifications proposing alternatives routes or activities for the user. Developed by students at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Jarvis was recently showcased the SAP InnoJam Barcelona.

Get fit the right way with the “Virtual Personal Coach.” Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, this app provides valuable feedback and prevents injury during exercise based on data it captures with a Microsoft Kinect device.  Another very innovative app –  “Meetings Become more Exciting” – integrates voice technology captured via an Amazon Echo device with SAP Cloud for Customer to ensure that you will never be bored in a meeting again.

To find out more about SAP Next-Gen Consulting, visit the SAP University Alliances channel on YouTube – where you can have an immersive, virtual reality experience. Additional virtual reality moments from the SAP booth at Mobile World Congress are being filmed for upload to the channel. Watch for SAP Next-Gen Consulting at CeBIT and SAPPHIRE NOW later this year and follow the group’s activities on Twitter at #SAPNextGenConsulting.

SAP InnoJam Barcelona Winning Team Presented

At MWC16, SAP presented the winners of the pre-conference SAP InnoJam Barcelona, sponsored by SAP University Alliances in cooperation with Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona. Students used SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP UI5 to solve the challenge to “Run Simple in a Digital World with 5G.”

Students representing 11 universities from nine countries participated in the event. Teams were comprised of students with a balance of business skills and technical skills. Each participated in a 36-hour hackathon to build and refine their demos.

In the end, it was TanTaxi that won with its concept to help taxi drivers reduce the length of time spent looking for customers. The team plans to partner with taxi companies to test and refine its model in a real-world setting. As one team member said, “The world of opportunities is in front of us.”

SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation

Addressing the need for digital skills to accelerate digital transformation, SAP announced the launch of the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation, which is intended to meet the targeted educational requirements of business executives and IT experts. SAP executive Dr. Bernd Welz, executive vice president and head of Scale, Enablement & Transformation, also kicked off a new talk show, “Bernd with Guests,” which will feature weekly online interviews with thought leaders and influencers in the area of skills and education in digital transformation.

SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation works with SAP University Alliances, a network of more than 2,650 educational institutions in 90 countries, and involves learning assets from SAP and partners. Offerings include education on the digital transformation for business executives and IT professionals, including network collaborators such as RocketSpace and incubator trips to Silicon Valley. Additionally, an alumni network enables executives and professionals to share and collaborate on insights and best practices to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.

“SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation enables business leaders, IT executives, IT experts and end users in the SAP ecosystem to acquire the skills required to be successful in the digital transformation,” said Welz.

Learn more in this newsbyte.

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