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How to call a standard tcode by passing data from a custom report

Hi Experts,


I have created a custom report which creates parallel processing intervals for Contract Accounts.

I need to pass these intervals of CA to a standard transaction (EA26)so that these are processed in parallel.

I tried using SUBMIT statement but I got the below runtime error regarding the report that I was using for EA26.



Error analysis

    You attempted to start the ABAP/4 program "SAPLFKKAKTIV2" with SUBMIT, but the

    attributes specify this program as type "F" instead of "1". You can

    only start programs of type 1 with SUBMIT."


Could you please let me know how can proceed in this scenario via a CALL TRANSACTION statement?

I haven't used it before. Though I was checking the portal for same but found couldn't find a relevant post.


Urgent help needed.



G. Kaur

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