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Live at CeBIT: SAP Showcases the Digital Transformation

Custom smoothies, emotion-driven music playlists, a connected bottling machine designed by Siemens, and a decision-making aid for local police forces: At CeBIT 2016, SAP has chosen these and many other scenarios to highlight the potential opportunities of combining the digital transformation with the very latest technology.

It’s a simple idea: InnoJam participant Han Tek, a Kuala Lumpur-born student of physics at the University of Leipzig, has come up with an algorithm that analyzes the rhythm and stress patterns of a person’s speech to ascertain whether they are happy or sad. With the help of an Android app, that person can then select songs that best fit their mood from a suggested playlist and stream them from Spotify. “Personalized Services for Drivers” is the subject of the challenge set for Tek’s team, Team 4, at this year’s InnoJam, which is being staged by SAP at CeBIT in partnership with Volkswagen. The team’s task is to enhance the driving experience for the drivers of the future. Emotion analysis as the basis for music streaming is one of the elements of a “digital journey” for drivers that Tek’s team has mapped out on their flip chart.

Retail, manufacturing, sport: The digital transformation is in full swing.

This is just one example of various SAP projects being showcased at CeBIT to illustrate how the digital transformation is spreading slowly but surely into every sector of industry:

  • The custom smoothie begins life in the virtual world. All the customer has to do is register once to receive a profile with a personalized QR code that he or she can use to buy a custom beverage at the grocery store. In the fruit and vegetable section, the user selects the buttons for mango, orange, and banana on a console, which automatically adds this information to the user profile. When the user holds his QR code up to a smart vending machine, it displays the beverages in the user’s profile and dispenses the selected one. In this, SAP’s showcase scenario, it’s the trade fair’s most popular choice: “Golden Glow”. The benefit for customers: They get a personalized product. The benefit for retailers: They get information about customer preferences that can be used to refine product offerings.
  • The connected bottling machine: In a joint showcase project featuring the “MindSphere – Siemens Cloud for Industry” platform, different-colored lamps move up and down on strings. They represent data that is collected by sensors in a bottling machine and transmitted to “MindSphere – Siemens Cloud for Industry” based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for processing and analysis. The data collected by the sensors indicates when bottle carriers are starting to display signs of wear and tear ‒ showing when replacement parts need to be fitted, what impact dirty and worn components have on energy costs, and what the implications are for warranty services. The lamps turn blue when action is required and red if there is an urgent need for assistance from maintenance technicians or other personnel.
  • The connected stadium: Whenever traffic builds up on the approach roads to a soccer stadium before a match, the stadium managers of the future will have that information on their screens the moment congestion starts developing. They’ll therefore be able to take immediate action to guide fans to park-and-ride parking lots where they can leave their vehicles and travel to the stadium in shuttle buses organized at short notice for the purpose. Once fans are at the stadium, stadium managers will call up heat maps to see if there are any areas where particularly large numbers of spectators have gathered – which could indicate, for example, that one or more turnstiles are not working correctly – and direct marshals and personnel straight to the scene to ensure that fans gain access to the stadium as quickly as possible. The prerequisite for these scenarios is an Internet of Things-enabled infrastructure that uses various sensors and connected systems to transmit key information ‒ such as traffic density data ‒ to a central platform, the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
  • Fighting crime: In this scenario, the data collected for a certain city has been analyzed to determine the districts with the highest crime rates. These are displayed on three screens. What the analyzed data also shows is that, seen over a 12-month period, there are three times as many crimes committed on Saturdays in socially deprived areas of the city as on weekdays. Also, drug, traffic, and violent offences are particularly prevalent after 6 p.m. This particular showcase illustrates the level of support that the SAP HANA-based “Live Decision Making” procedure could potentially offer local police forces in fighting crime. Because accurate, insightful data on this scale could play a valuable role in planning future deployments and scheduling resources efficiently. Businesses and organizations of all kinds can benefit from drilling down to different levels of data in this way: Just as police forces can analyze the security situation in a big city as a basis for planning deployments, retailers can break down trends in in-store sales and revenues to finer levels of detail and use ad-hoc data to facilitate their business decision-making – not just at senior-management level, but at area or team level, too.

Every digital transformation begins with an idea. “We know exactly where we headed,” says Haythem Kiri from Team 14, speaking just a couple hours after the InnoJam challenge got under way. “We’re going to present a platform that provides assistance in case of accidents.” A student of software engineering and information systems at the Higher Institute of Computer Science of Ariana in Tunis, Haythem is working in a team whose members include fellow students from Greece and Germany. At the end of the day, though, his main aim is not to win the contest or transform the world of business. His personal motto is “Develop myself”.


Top Photo: SAP’s smoothie stand at CeBIT 2016

via SAP News Center

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