Thứ Hai, 28 tháng 3, 2016

Manual Bill doc impact on Payment Plan

Hi Experts,


I need help on Payment Plan, Actually in my scenario customers are getting one time credit from third party, for this interface is creating manual bill doc and it is getting invoiced with next periodic bill. Since customer is on payment plan one time credit(manual bill) is not reflecting on bill print, it is getting adjusted in BB current diff amount item. My client want to give one time credit to the customer on same month and it should be shown on bill.


I have tried with enhancing EVENTS R999, modified manual bill docs line items to Item in bill sum total (XTOTAL_AMNT) = 'X'. it helped me in invoice total (BB amount - one time credit) but when I checked FPL9 it shows posting of BB amount. Can you please guide me this requirement? should I use other EVENT?   






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