Thứ Năm, 10 tháng 3, 2016

Stop Conversion Recon Keys from Transfer to FI-GL

Hi Experts,


We have an scenario in our client as part of the conversion from legacy to SAP we need to prevent the transfer of converted document postings and associated reconciliation keys from being transferred to FI-GL so that we don't account for it post-conversion.


In a way we need to stop all the converted documents with it's associated Recon keys from being picked up during the FPG1 - Transfer Mass run. We found that if we mark the indicator "XMISS" flag on the reconciliation keys in the table DFKKSUMC then it prevents the transfer from happening to       FI-GL.


We want to understand if anyone have came across a similar requirement and if this is the right approach to go about it or is there any other better alternatives to prevent the transfer of only certain recon keys to FI-GL. Please let me know of any suggestions.




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