Chủ Nhật, 17 tháng 4, 2016

Integration with FICA and Funds Management

Hi Experts,


We are currently working on implementing FICA with Funds Management for a Utilities client. Client currently has IS-PS, FM & ERP implementation already in place and that is their system of records. Hence, we are implementing Utilities module as a separate instance. My question is regarding the scope of Funds Management. How to Integrate IS-U FICA with FM, I am trying to do Invoicing through EASIBI during that time getting below error.


"Fin. trans. for commit. item X123 in acct X123 and commit. item X345 are diff.

Message No. FKKFMCHK_CUSTOM002\"



2. whether Is it required Main and Sub  for this integration? what main and sub i have to use here?


Could you please let me know your valuable suggestions Please?





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