Thứ Bảy, 9 tháng 4, 2016

Payments on account and interest calculation

Hello Experts,


I am in one electricity project.



I came across a new requirement.


The process is as below


1) Suppose consumer electricity bill for month march/16 is $ 294


2) He pays amount $300 in banks on 20th march/16


3) Now we upload this payment from external payment gateway on 21th march/16


4) System clear the bill amount 294 and remaining $ 6 goes on payment on account in FPL9


5) Now the next bill is generated for the next month on 20th April is $100


6) First $6 will be adjusted into bill and the remaining amount $94 will be posted as debit in to consumer account.


Q) I want to calculate the interest on payment on account $6 from date 21st march to 20th April, but system is not calculation the interest because clearing date is 20th April



Kindly suggest.





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