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Simple Finance 1511 migration

Hi Experts,


We are in the process of migrating to simple finance 1511 - I am specifically working for FI-CA module. As preliminary steps for migration I am trying to make sure all recon keys are closed and transferred successfully to G/L. Also verifying reconciliation between open items and G/L does not show any differences. But end result is I have variety of errors


A. When I run report program RFINDEX_NACC for consistency check - Error message is shown indicating that

For document XXXXX posting date (BSIS-BUDAT) and fiscal period (BSIS-MONAT) are not in sync. Example


Posting date: 02/15/2007

Fiscal period: 05


B. When I run job to transfer recon key to G/L, I am getting errors indicating that some mandatory parameters are missing based on the Field status group.


C. When I execute transaction FAGLF03 for "Comparison: Documents/transaction figures"


For few documents error message "Document not posted to any ledger"



My question is:


a. Before we can migrate to Simple finance 1511 - do we need to make sure all of the above mentioned errors are resolved? Or we can go ahead with migration and take care of these errors after migration?


b. If anyone has faced these errors in past and have some idea around how to resolve them, please share some details. Specifically point A and C.




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