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Table ESECODELIST with incorrect entries

Hello Experts,


Is anyone aware about the table ESECODELIST and its significance? In my system, there seems to be a bit of inconsistency of data with regards to this table.


For an instance, under AMI event management, I created few custom entries as shown below event_categ.png


When I was simulating the AMI event proxy (i.e. UtilitiesSmartMeterEventERPBulkCreateRequest_In) which involves verifying the value of event category code entered with the config values shown above, I found that it was not considering the custom values that I added, but only the standard SAP values (viz. 1, 2, 3)


On investigating further, I found that there is some standard logic in SAP that queries the table ESECODELIST to fetch the Code Category. Currently, in my system the entries for AMI events related codelists are as shown below -


Now the issue with respect to these entries is the value under Code Category - entries where it is "E" (Extensible), the db query on this table returns only the SAP standard values instead of new set of values (shown in screenshot #1 above - for an instance).


I further tried to see if I can anyhow modify these entries, and I did find its maintenance view; however, on executing it, I get a popup saying - "Do not make any changes (SAP data)", although the view screen was very much editable!!





Has anyone seen anything similar to this before? I am also keen to know if I can modify the table entries as per my requirement, by which way it sorts out my problem, however, I am little apprehensive about  it.




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