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Automotive Sector Gears Up with New Skills for Digital Transformation

During CeBIT this year, Volkswagen Group and SAP announced an “Innojam,” a challenge for students around the Mobility of the Future. It was exciting to watch close to 100 students working together in 16 teams from 16 countries.

During a set time frame of 30 hours they shared their perspectives on this topic, while designing and coding innovative solutions.

This inspiring event clearly demonstrated that developing skills and creating new business ideas for Digital Transformation not only happens within businesses, but way beyond: with their fresh minds, students at schools and universities are in an excellent position to help companies shape the future. Equipped with the latest skills, young talents are even able to create prototypes that demonstrate potential future usage and innovative business models.

Supporting companies in developing skills essential for Digital Transformation is not only a focus for SAP University Alliances. Moreover, SAP recently launched the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation to accelerate our customers’ Digital Transformation journey to becoming Digital Enterprises.

During the Innojam event at CeBIT, I had the pleasure to talk to Dr. Dagmar Tenfelde-Podehl – Head of IT Academy, Communications & Events of Volkswagen Group. Attracting and developing talents from all over the world is essential for an international group like Volkswagen. So we shared the passion for fostering innovation and collaboration with young, fresh minds. Watch the video to learn more:

What’s your perspective on skills required for Digital Transformation? Join the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation now and share your insights with your peers!

Dr. Bernd Welz is EVP and Head of Scale, Enablement & Transformation SAP SE.

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