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How Do You Upskill for the Digital Economy?

SAP celebrates three successful years of digital learning. For businesses and professionals alike, SAP is increasingly the go-to resource to quickly gain leading-edge skills for the digital economy. Read on to learn more about what SAP’s learning resources can do for you.

Mercedes-Benz Türk, based in Istanbul, Turkey, has held the number one position in domestic truck production for over 13 years. Maintaining that leadership position requires continually optimizing the performance of its SAP software investments. And that means keeping internal IT skills fine-tuned and up-to-date. When the time came to train its new and growing team of IT project consultants, Mercedes-Benz Türk deployed SAP Learning Hub – an integral part of SAP’s digital learning portfolio – for 24×7 cloud-based access to SAP’s vast knowledge base and learning content. As a result, the company was able to accelerate training and get all members of the new IT project consulting team up to speed quickly and cost-effectively.

“We conducted an internal analysis of our training requirements and determined that we needed 1,000 training days to ramp up our new team of IT project consultants. With SAP Learning Hub and the help of SAP Consulting, we were able to complete this training in just 50 days,” says Özlem Vidin Engindeniz, Daimler SAP & Rollout Service Delivery Center Turkey Senior Manager, Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş.*

SAP’s Proven Track Record in Digital Learning

Similar to Mercedes-Benz Türk, businesses everywhere are under tremendous pressure to keep pace with the emergence of the digital economy – or risk becoming obsolete. Digital transformation is at the top of the agenda for many business leaders. Embarking on digital transformation, however, requires mastering new skills and envisioning the possibilities of business in the digital age. Where do businesses go to get the knowledge they need to stay competitive?

Increasingly, the answer is SAP. With more than 700,000 learners using its award- winning digital learning platforms – openSAP / openSAP Thought Leaders and SAP Learning Hub – SAP has emerged as a recognized leader in digital learning. Celebrating its third successful year of digital learning, SAP has a proven track record of delivering extraordinary value to its customers, partners, and SAP employees, as well as faculty and students at universities and schools.

Over 700,000 learners use SAP’s award- winning digital learning platforms

“Learning is transformative in itself,” says Bernd Welz, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Scale, Enablement and Transformation, SAP. “Each time a customer broadens its skillset, or upskills for the digital economy – together we are taking a significant step towards meeting the challenges of business tomorrow. SAP is proud to offer a comprehensive, structured, and imaginative approach to digital learning that enables people to gain new knowledge to move their businesses and individual careers significantly forward.”

Welz adds, “SAP is dedicated to continuously innovating its digital learning offering to be evermore engaging and impactful, because digital transformation is not a one-time effort. We’re going to see that this will be a continuous process for businesses in the future. So, learning needs to be continuous too.”



openSAP MOOCs: Pioneering the Way for Business

In 2013, SAP entered the digital learning space with the launch of openSAP – a first-of-its-kind digital learning platform that offers massive open online courses (MOOCs) targeted to the needs of business. In the beginning, the openSAP MOOC platform provided courses focused on developing software skills for priority SAP products like SAP HANA; however, the platform has expanded to offer courses in general business topics such as sustainability and digital transformation, as well as to provide content suited to a variety of skill levels. SAP is continuously innovating its formula for success for its MOOCs by introducing exciting features – like interactive challenges and gamification – to engage learners and advance the learning process. The MOOCs have proven to be extremely popular among learners, with enrollments topping the one million mark.

openSAP offers more than 70 courses in total, with courses on SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and SAP S/4 HANA being the most popular. To date 150,000 course certificates, or records of achievement, have been issued.

Course content comes in a variety of easily downloadable formats, like videos, slides, and course transcriptions. To ensure knowledge transfer, the courses offer plenty of opportunity for real-time interaction, like instructional video demonstrations, hands-on software simulations, discussion forums, and peer assessments. Course projects and innovation challenges provide students with ample opportunity to put their newly acquired skills into action. Recently, in the openSAP course “Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud,” students submitted more than 5,500 new SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) apps.  Read more about these exciting course projects in the blog Lessons in Fast Innovation from openSAP MOOCs: SAP Fiori App Challenge Winners.

What makes the courses so popular, according to student feedback, is that students like that they can learn at their own convenience. For some that means watching and listening to lectures on a smartphone during their daily commute. Others align the openSAP courses with their career development road maps, so that they can more readily move ahead on the job. Read feedback from individual students to find out more.

SAP Learning Hub: Faster Time to Productivity for New Hires

The SAP Learning Hub – another pillar of SAP’s digital learning portfolio – has emerged as a robust and reliable digital learning platform for IT and business experts. It employs an innovative approach that includes an engaging social experience and caters to individual learning needs. The SAP Learning Hub now offers a total of 4,500 online courses, including content tailored to individual countries or regions, to make digital learning convenient and accessible to people everywhere.

SAP customers report significant benefits, citing that the SAP Learning Hub has improved productivity by 20%. For rapidly expanding companies like Mercedes-Benz Türk, the benefits of using the SAP Learning Hub can mean a 20-30% reduction in time to full productivity for new hires. Global consultancy CGI said it achieved a savings of USD$150,000 just through fewer canceled trainings for its consultants – while concurrently increasing the number of consultants trained by 50%, along with an increase of 50% more trainings per consultant.** Swiss insurer Zurich reports an increase in the number of certification exams passed, linked with an increase of 65% in customer satisfaction.***

The SAP Learning Hub is not only available to IT professionals. Students from more than 2,700 educational institutions in 90 countries now have access to the SAP Learning Hub – Academic Edition through the SAP University Alliances program. That means that the IT professionals and business leaders of tomorrow can get an early start to making their impact on the workplace of tomorrow.

SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation: Executive Track to a Digital Future

Each day executives have the unique opportunity to assess a myriad of new products and ideas – all of which may be beneficial to their organizations, or not. To help them learn more about the technologies and concepts related to digital transformation, as well as collaborate with peers and experts, SAP recently introduced the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation. A trustworthy and reliable digital learning space, the network is ideally suited to the educational needs of executives who are championing digital transformation in their organizations.

Find out what customers are saying about this latest addition to SAP’s digital learning portfolio in interviews with the German-Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG), Bitkom, and the Volkswagen Group. You can also get on the inside track by joining the SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation.

Skills for Digital Transformation: Nano-Degrees for the Workplace of the Future

Digital transformation brings with it new job profiles, coupled with exciting opportunities for advancement for skilled professionals. At SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 in May, SAP launched the Skills for Digital Transformation program, comprised of individualized Learning Journeys to prepare customers for the future through impactful curricula and certifications targeted to new skill profiles like Data Scientist and Internet of Things (IoT) / Big Data Architect. By blending digital learning and high-value classroom experiences, SAP seeks to set exemplary educational standards for the digital workplace.

Find out more about the Data Scientist curriculum and certification – newly launched at SAPPHIRE NOW. A pipeline of further roles is in the works. To learn more, watch this SAP News interview with Bernd Welz at SAPPHIRE NOW: How to Keep Everyone on the Cutting Edge of High-Tech.

Get Onboard with Digital Learning at SAP

Join SAP in celebrating three successful years of leading the way in digital education. Find out how SAP can take your business or career into the digital age with SAP Education, training, and certification.

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